Must I sign a contract to use your service?

We work with and without written contracts. We handle debt recovery on a contingent collection basis, no recovery, no fee. You are not obligated to place a minimum number of accounts.

Some of my customers are located in other countries. Do you provide international collection service?

Yes. We are an active partner of International Credit Exchange (ICE), with a worldwide network of partners, with 3000 credit, collection and investigative professionals in 80+ offices globally.

I often work late into the evening. Is there a way to obtain the status of my accounts during non-business hours?

Yes. Our user-friendly CW Connect online feature allows you to access the status of your files 24/7 through our website. An assigned User ID and password provides security, preventing unauthorized access. There is no additional fee for this service.

What happens if the debtor I placed for collection contacts me and wants to work out a settlement arrangement?

Debtors sometimes do this to delay payment or to avoid contact by the agency. Once the account is placed for collection, it is best to distance yourself. Please refer them immediately to our office.

Is there a collection fee if the debtor sends their payment after I’ve placed them for collection?

Debtors placed for collection are immediately contacted by our Account Resolution Specialists. Sometimes they resent having been placed for collection and send their payment to the creditor, hoping the agency will not be compensated.

In such cases, please let us know if payment was received so that collection activity will cease. An invoice will be sent to you to cover the contingent collection fee.

If you are unable to collect the account I placed, then what?

Once all in-house collection measures have been exhausted, and if the debtor continues to conduct business, not having filed bankruptcy, a lawsuit may be prudent. Such activity involves the services of an outside collection attorney and additional contingent costs will apply.

No action is pursued without your authorization. If you choose not to move ahead, the file is closed and confirmation is sent to you.

What happens if the debtor placed for collection wants to return the product I shipped, rather than remit payment?

We are mindful that you are in business to sell product, not to re-purchase it from your customer. Every attempt will be made to recover the amount owed to you. If the debtor is having severe financial problems and wishes to return merchandise, we let you make the decision and convey it to the debtor.

If your product, is returned, our collection fee is reduced to 50% the normal fee.

How soon can I expect my money once the debtor remits payment to you?

Remittance or holdover periods, the time between collection of the debt and submission of the payment to the creditor, widely vary. Although the standard period in the industry is 30 days, Caine & Weiner Company, Inc.’s weekly remittance period is 10 days.

If I am not pleased with your service, what recourse do I have?

Client satisfaction is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on maintaining a close working relationship with our clients. If you have any concerns about the service received, you may contact your Client Relations Manager or your Client Service Manager.