Caine & Weiner Company, Inc.’s Surrogate Voice Program was developed as a cost effective solution for our clients to address business downsizing.

This finely crafted and very effective program provides a level of support for our clients to effectively manage their customers in a timely manner when their account becomes past due. By design, our participation is undetected.

In addition to the 100% coverage guaranteed by the program, our certified collection agents interact with your customer in a skillful, professional manner. This preserves the goodwill established with them, paving the way for a resumed relationship. Customers will receive ongoing follow-up as necessary, to seamlessly interface with your in-house communication, enabling you to accomplish your accounts receivable management objectives.

Our extensive experience and 1st party outsourcing innovation allows us to create custom programs exclusively designed for the specific needs of our clients.

Files can be electronically downloaded for handling.